S. de Jager (Buenos Aires, 1988) is a Rotterdam-based researcher working at the intersection between philosophy of technology, philosophy of language, media studies and cultural analysis. Graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2011, and from Universiteit Leiden in 2015, de Jager has developed a number of projects, both ‘artistic’ as well as ‘academic’, centered around subjects ranging from visualization matters in high-energy physics laboratories, to the philosophical implications of possible artificial intelligences, to the endlessly debatable nature of our technological situation. Most recently de Jager’s work has been steered toward the idea of language as a technology that models human perception; issues of intentionality in communication; Searle’s theory of speech acts; and in general questions that interrogate banality of all that has been written in an effort to teach, in contrast with all that has been read and the actual reality of what has been learned. It is in pursuit of these recent thrills that the present collaboration with Glass Bead has taken shape.

Research Platform