The group was initiated from the Occupy Wall Street Arts and Culture working Group in Liberty Park by artist Noah Fischer’s manifesto of October 19, 2011. After the first action at Museum of Modern Art, it quickly became a working group which has included many people at different times including Jolanta Gora-Witta, Max Liboroirn, Maraya Lopez, Alexandre Carvalho, Blithe Riley, Andrea Liu, Maria Byck, Ben Laude, Cari Machet, Nitasha Dhillon, Joulia Strauss, and Maureen Connor, Kenneth Pietrobono, and many others. The core members (in alphabetical order) are Tal Beery, Imani Brown, Noah Fischer, Kenneth Pietrobono and Arthur Polendo. They have also collaborated and overlapped with many other groups such as G.U.L.F, the Novads, Arts and Labor, Occupy the Pipeline, Winter Holiday Camp, and artists such as The Guerrilla Girls, Artur Zmijewski, Pawel Althamer, Maureen Connor, Julia Strauss, and William Powhida.

Audio Research Program