Patricia Reed is an artist, writer and designer based in Berlin. Recent writings have been published in Glass Bead Journal, The New Normal (forthcoming), Construction Site for Possible Worlds (Urbanomic, forthcoming), e-flux Journal, Making & Breaking, Angelaki, Para-Platforms (Sternberg); Post-Meme (Punctum Books, forthcoming); e-flux Architecture; Xeno-Architecture (Sternberg Press); Cold War Cold World (Urbanomic); and Distributed (Open Editions). Reed is also part of the Laboria Cuboniks (techno-material feminist) working group whose Xenofeminist Manifesto (2015) was republished by Verso Books in 2018; French book translation forthcoming with entremonde in 2019 (A prior French translation was published by Glass Bead in 2016).

  • Freedom and Fiction

    It is not enough to rearrange the furniture in this current historical discursive home; freedom from this given domestic situation and the modes of domestication that conform to its logic, is dependen...

  • The Glass Bead Game: Views from The Anti-World

    27 Sep–29 Sep 2019

    Okayama Art Summit 2019, Okayama

    Conceived as part of the triennial Okayama Art Summit 2019 and on the occasion of the publication of “Site 2. Dark Room: Somatic Reason and Synthetic Eros”, “The...