Eduardo Viveiros de Castro is professor of anthropology at the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro. He has worked mainly on indigenous Amazonia cosmological ideas and speculative thought, on the one hand, and on the philosophical (epistemological, ontological, political) implications of the full acknowledgment of extramodern modes of existence, particularly from the vantage point of the current planetary crisis and its roots in the dominance of the Western-Modern civilizational project. He has teached in Cambrigde, Chicago, Paris and São Paulo. His main publications are: From the Enemy’s Point of View: humanity and divinity in an Amazonian society (1992); A Inconstância da Alma Selvagem (2002); Métaphysiques cannibales (2009), and, jointly with Déborah Danowski, “L’arrêt du monde” (in E. Hache, De l’univers clos au monde infini, 2014) and its developed version The Ends of the Earth (to appear in 2016).