Anna Longo obtained her PhD in aesthetics philosophy at University Paris 1. She is adjunct at CalArts (Los Angeles), member of the Collège international de philosophie (Paris) and instructor at the New Centre for Research and Practice. She has been researching at the crossing of metaphysics, epistemology, and aesthetics. She has been the author and editor of several books such as The Genesis of the Transcendental (2017), Breaking the Spell: Speculative Realism under Discussion (2015), Time without becoming (2014), Divenire della conoscenza: estetica e contingenza del reale (2013).



  • Love in the Age of Algorithms

    Fourth-generation machines and their learning algorithms had not yet invaded daily life; we had not yet seen the 2008 economic crisis, fiscal austerity measures, finance automation, and high-frequency...

  • The Glass Bead Game: Views from The Anti-World

    27 Sep–29 Sep 2019

    Okayama Art Summit 2019, Okayama

    Conceived as part of the triennial Okayama Art Summit 2019 and on the occasion of the publication of “Site 2. Dark Room: Somatic Reason and Synthetic Eros”, “The...

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