Peter Wolfendale is an independent philosopher from the North East of England, he completed his PhD at the University of Warwick in 2011. He has a broad base of philosophical interests that span both the analytic (e.g., inferentialist philosophy of language) and continental traditions (e.g., deleuzian process metaphysics). He does not see himself as ‘bridging’ the divide between traditions as much as simply doing his best to act as if it isn’t there. His current interests focus upon the methodological interface between the philosophy of rationality and metaphysics. In this he is heavily influenced by both Kant and Sellars, but draws many resources from the post-Kantian work of Heidegger and the post-Sellarsian work of Brandom. His ultimate goal is to elaborate a systematic transcendental approach to the philosophy of rationality (which he calls fundamental deontology) which can then be used as the basis for the critical delimitation of metaphysics as an a posteriori form of inquiry continuous with empirical science. He is also interested in more broadly normative issues regarding freedom, justice, beauty, and the relations between them.

  • Castalian Games

    Hesse’s The Glass Bead Game is many things. It is clearly modernist in its style, playing with the elements of a classical bildungsroman. It is rigorously hypothetical in its setting, extracting a h...

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