Fernando Zalamea (Bogotá, 1959) is Professor of Mathematics at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Chancellor of Research (1998-2000) of the Universidad Nacional – Sede Bogotá. After his Ph.D. in category theory and recursion theory (University of Massachusetts, 1990, under Ernest Manes), Zalamea has been working in alternative logics, Peirce and Lautman studies, and the philosophy of modern (1830-1950) and contemporary mathematics (1950-today). A prolific essayist, he is the author of twenty books around cultural studies, philosophy, and mathematics. His book Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics (Bogotá 2008, translated into English 2012 and French 2016) seems to have had some impact. Zalamea has obtained some of the most prestigious essay awards in the Hispanic world: Siglo XXI (Mexico 2012), Jovellanos (Spain 2004), Gil-Albert (Spain 2004), Kostakowsky (Mexico 2001), Andrés Bello (Colombia 2000). He has been included as one of 100 Global Minds. The Most Daring Cross-Disciplinary Thinkers in the World (Roads 2015). Since 2012 he organizes a Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar, evolving now around Alexander Grothendieck, whose mathematical and philosophical work Zalamea hopes to synthesize in an incoming new book.