Ear of Cyclone is a sound performance by Yoneda Lemma (appearing as Katrina Burch & Donatas Tubutis, or d-n-e). It was performed during the event The Depth and the Ply.

“Two sonifying articulations triangulate to form the dimensionality of a listening experience, between an indifference point and a zone of disintegration. A listener––the indifference centre, sounding pipe, or its archaeological equivalent, ‘datum point,’––is situated in the unstable zone of sonic milieus and concrescent sonic junk. It is as well a player lost in a plot, a bucket with an ear, who must excavate or carry-out a sense-making procedure into a system of echoes, resumptions and resonances, (re)constructing a site through sonic suggestions. Perception of sound is archaeological (durational, decompositional, and stratigraphic). Layers of processual abstractions reveal that these spaces entered by a listener are synthetic (listening-knots): simultaneously engineered and discovered, each sonic concept artifacts a listening experience. Gestures of sonic abstraction articulating perceptual automatisms, weave xenoic vehicles (sonic types) in a generic, epistemic landscape (into an artificial memory system), wherefrom a listener gains traction (extracting polyrhythmic frequencies) on reticulated conceptual nodes and is, in this procedure, endowed with the possibility to synthetically deploy maps and hypothetical cues for freeing the horror of thought (that escapes itself). Boundaries of sense slip like snakes.What mind alike can speak of Xeno without having begun to articulate its earworms?”