It is crucial to Glass Bead that we do not just operate as a journal that publishes annually a selection of articles but also as a research platform that actively explores the conceptual terrains opened up by these contributions as a continuous process. The research platform consists of contributions submitted by the participants to the workshops organized on the occasion of Glass Bead’s public events, but also unabridged versions of some of the texts published in the journal. More info on the workshops here.

Complexité, science et démocratie (Entretien avec Giuseppe Longo)

Giuseppe Longo

Entretien de Giuseppe Longo réalisé en italien par Paolo Bartolini  pour  MEGAchip, Democrazia nella comunicazione et traduit ici en français par Sara Longo.

Wittgenstein Sheaves (Anonymous, communicated by Fernando Zalamea)

I investigate the method of the late Wittgenstein. I begin by pointing out certain similarities and dissimilarities between his early and late work. His ideas of the mystical, I claim, remain the same but his conception of “nonsense” undergoes a...

Ear of Cyclone


• is part of Ear of Cyclone, a sound installation developed by d-n-e for Glass Bead at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers in 2015

140919_colthyi, 140919_colthyi-udx5ot, When Time Yawns

Lendl Barcelos

140919_colthyi, 140919_colthyi-udx5ot, When Time Yawns are a selection of works by Lendl Barcelos engaging with abstraction, improvisation, and experimental poetry.

Not yet fording, not yet complete

Sonia de Jager

There are several faces to the inquisitive nature of H64, but overall it can be said to originate from a fascination with the programming nature of language. The idea of language as a system that structures and models the ways we...

Le Réel photographique (extended version)

Tristan Garcia

This text is the unabridged version of Tristan Garcia's essay for Issue 0: Castalia, the Game of Ends and Means. To avoid reducing photography to a sort of luminous drawing (the reality of which the moderns strangely believed in) we must g...