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Description: To die is an art of artifice, a gesture that multiplies knowledge. The art prefigures the form and mobilizes the space. It feels and softens, sketching out in the streaming of becoming, possessing a mobile patience to liberate a common dimension. There are smooth crevices that broaden at the touch of this perturbation. An articulation that makes it possible to situate beyond all opposition, to overcome all opposition. No doubt such articulations allow positive integration of all the forces imprisoned by contrasts to accompany the birth of a singularity.

Context: Ear of Cyclone Installation
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Ear of Cyclone was a sound installation as part of The Depth and the Ply event at les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers.

“Two sonifying articulations triangulate to form the dimensionality of a listening experience, between indifference points and correspondent chronozones of disintegration. A listener as the indifference centre, sounding pipe, or its archaeological equivalent, ‘datum point,’ is situated in the most unstable zone of sonic milieus and concrescent sonic junk. It is as this player lost in a plot (a bucket with an ear) that an excavation can carry-out a nonsense-unmaking into systems of conceptual echoes and adjacencies. Perceptions of sound, when seeming archaeological, are durational, decompositional and stratigraphic. Listening-knots; simultaneously collapsing while being discovered, each sonic concept artifacts a falling listening experience. Gestures of sonic abstraction articulating perceptual automatisms weave xenoic vehicles (sonic types) into an artificial memory system, wherefrom a listener gains traction, extracting polyrhythmic frequencies on reticulated conceptual nodes that synthetically deploy maps and hypothetical cues to free the horror of thought that escapes itself. Yet snipped boundaries of sense still slip like snakes. What mind alike can speak of Xeno without having begun to reticulate its earworms?”

Image/Nastaleeq Shikateh by Abdul Hayee Abid (Sargodha, Pakistan)