Feb 2016

Transformative Circuits

  • Tarek Atoui

Reversing the order in which instruments are usually created, Tarek At...

Feb 2016

The Theory of Topos-Theoretic 'Bridges'—A Conceptual Introduction

  • Olivia Caramello

Mathematics is divided into several distinct areas: geometry, number t...

Feb 2016

Multilayered Sites and Dynamic Logics for Transits between Art and Mat...

  • Fernando Zalamea

The first section of this paper presents diverse forms of dialectics b...

Feb 2016

The Trans-Umweltic Express

  • Gabriel Catren

By following Hesse’s main intuition, we could try to carefully defin...

Feb 2016

Melting Glass Beads—The Multiverse Game of Gestures and Strings

  • Guerino Mazzola

The text shall explain how and in which domains of creative knowledge...