Editors: Fabien Giraud, Jeremy Lecomte, Vincent Normand, Ida Soulard and Inigo Wilkins.
English copyeditors: Maggie Jones and Inigo Wilkins.
Translators: Marie-Mathilde Burdeau, Susan Emmanuel, Clémence Garrot, Fabien Giraud, Florent Lahache, Jeremy Lecomte, Vincent Normand, Nicolas Vieillescazes.
French copyeditors: Fabien Giraud, Jeremy Lecomte, Vincent Normand, Ida Soulard.
Design: Leaky Studio, Patricia Reed with Joshua Johnson. Thanks also to Cédric Scandella.

We first want to warmly thank all those who participated in the past year of research: Tarek Atoui, Lendl Barcelos, Mathias Béjean, Ray Brassier, Katrina Burch, Étienne Chambaud, Andrée C. Ehresmann, Council (Sandra Terdjman & Gregory Castéra), Philippe Descola, Anselm Franke, Olivia Lucca Fraser, Matt Hare, Tristan Garcia, Valeria Giardino, Martin Holbraad, Sonia de Jager, Franck Jedrzejewski, Tim Johnson, Giuseppe Longo, Suhail Malik, Guerino Mazzola, Reza Negarestani, Margarida Mendes, Metahaven, Occupy Museums (Tal Beery & Noah Fischer), Christopher Priest, Patricia Reed, Frederik Stjernfelt, Olivier Surel, The Institute for Wishful Thinking (Maureen Connor & Andrea DeFelice), Tzuchien Tho, Max Turnheim, W.A.G.E. (Lise Soskolne & Park McArthur), and Pete Wolfendale.

We would like to express our gratitude to the institutions and people who have supported us along the way, and especially to eflux, Virginie Bobin, Ambassade de France and Institut Français US, and MoMA AV Recording Studio. And we are infinitely grateful to our friends and accomplices institutions who made this publication possible: Alexandra Baudelot and Mathilde Villeneuve at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Minhea Mircan at Extra City Kunsthal, Anne Chaniolleau and Pierre Huyghe.

This publication exists only thanks to the CNAP – Centre National des Arts Plastiques who awarded us the grant ‘soutien à l’édition numérique’.

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