Oct 2017

Semiotic Epicycles and Emergent Thresholds in Human Evolution

  • Gary Tomlinson

To understand these relations of culture, technology, and semiosis is...

Feb 2016

Transformative Circuits

  • Tarek Atoui

Reversing the order in which instruments are usually created, Tarek At...

Feb 2016

The Consequences of Philosophy

  • Giuseppe Longo

The “Big Bang” of Western mathematics dates from Euclid’s defini...

Feb 2016

Melting Glass Beads—The Multiverse Game of Gestures and Strings

  • Guerino Mazzola

The text shall explain how and in which domains of creative knowledge...

Jan 2016

Guerino Mazzola and Reza Negarestani


MoMA's AV Recording Studios, New York, 26 Apr 2014


Jan 2016

Guerino Mazzola


e-flux, New York, 25 Apr 2014


Apr 2014

Navigating Epistemologies


Prior to its 2015 launch, Glass Bead inaugurates a year of inquiry in...

Jan 2016

Tarek Atoui


His home, Paris, 12 Apr 2014