Sep 2019

Shattering of the Vessels

  • Alexandra Mason

There is a difference between the body and the flesh, as Hortense Spil...

Sep 2019

Darkrooms and White Cubes: Cruising Pavilion in Conversation with Glas...

  • Cruising Pavilion

The labyrinthine quality of architectural spaces has been one of the m...

Sep 2019

Three Billion Perverts (1973)

  • Anonymous

“Three Billion Perverts: The Big Encyclopedia of Homosexualities”...

Sep 2019

Marcel Duchamp’s Diagrammatics of Love, Sex and Erotics

  • Matthew Poole

Duchamp’s entire oeuvre from 1912 onwards is both a diagrammatic for...

Sep 2019

Mutations of Sergeant Sade

  • Olivier Surel

Was Sade the discoverer of libidinal economy? And beyond that, what ha...