Sep 2019

Shattering of the Vessels

  • Alexandra Mason

There is a difference between the body and the flesh, as Hortense Spil...

Sep 2019

Love in the Age of Algorithms

  • Anna Longo

Fourth-generation machines and their learning algorithms had not yet i...

Sep 2019

Disciplined Bodies and Ideology Critique

  • Sally Haslanger

Ideology critique is essential to lessen the wrongs that are perpetrat...

Nov 2017

Nina Power


ZKM, Karlsruhe, 09 Nov 2017


Oct 2017

Inhumanism, Reason, Blackness, Feminism

  • Nina Power

Paradoxically, it is perhaps the case that what makes us most human is...

Feb 2016

Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation

  • Laboria Cuboniks

Ours is a world in vertigo. It is a world that swarms with technologic...