Jaw versus Eye Attack

28 Jul–01 Aug 2015

Archive Kabinet and Vierte Welt, Berlin


We are happy to participate to the annual Jan van Eyck Association’s week of conferences, performances and exhibitions, organized from 28 July to 1 August in Berlin. Glass Bead will do a general presentation on Tuesday. Friends and allies will be giving talks and show works during the whole week, amongst 60+ participants, with presentations on: cultural production in occupied spaces, site specificity and rationalism in art, the aesthetics of palinacousis, set/category theory and philosophical ontology, modern science and psychoanalysis, the conceptualization of nihilism, destruction in art and politics, divestment in feminist cinema, and the concept of the generic…
On the last day, we’ll eat drink and dance until daylight strikes at the TDD supper club on Leipzigerstraße.

Join us!

Check the program here.

2015 Programme

Thanks to Tzuchien Tho and all the members of the Jan van Eyck Association